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“Know your customer” technology

Identifying customers and signing documents online in a paperless way with a user-friendly interface. No need to go anywhere.

“Know your customer” technology

Be calm about your funds

  • Freeze card

    Freeze your card for a while to avoid unexpected transactions.

  • Change linked number

    Quickly change mobile number added to the account.

  • Replace card

    Change your card easily in case of fraudulent transactions.

Be calm about your funds
Apple Wallet

Apple Wallet

  • Faster and easier than using cards or cash

  • Built-in privacy and security. Every purchase is secured through Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode authentication

  • Accepted on millions of websites and apps

  • Available on all Apple devices

Google Wallet

Google Wallet

  • No need to carry cash and bank cards

  • It is safe

  • No need to open any app, just unlock your phone and hold it close to the contactless payment terminal

  • Complete online purchases even faster

Protect payment details

All online transactions are protected with 3D Secure that requires OTP or in-app confirmation. Get push notifications when your card is used. No payment will be performed without your approval.

Protect payment details


“akart“ is completely free of charge.

“akart“ is valid for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, the balance of the card remains in the wallet and is automatically transferred to that card when a new card is activated. If the subscriber does not activate the new card, the remaining money in the wallet will be blocked.

“akart“ is provided instantly.

“akart“ is not provided to subscribers under 18 years of age.
“akart“ is not provided if the subscriber is not a citizen of Azerbaijan.

Currently, only 1 “akart“ can be in the name of a subscriber at one time.

Funds from akart account can be cashed in all terminals supporting the NFC system.

• A 1% commission (min. 1 AZN) will be applied at PASHA Bank and Kapital Bank ATMs,
• A 2% commission (min. 2 AZN) will be applied when cashing out at other banks' ATMs. (Additional commission can be applied based on the terms of the issuer bank.)

Note: Starting from 10/23/2023, cash-out transactions using “akart” at ATMs abroad will no longer be available.